Benefits of Cast Iron


Beneath the classic looks of every AGA cooker is a heart of cast-iron, which is what makes the AGA such an outstandingly efficient energy store, steadily transferring the heat from its core in to the ovens and hotplates, and providing gentle warmth to keep your kitchen cosy.

Every AGA cooker is built and manufactured to the same exacting standards that have ensured the AGA cooker's place as one of our most trusted and most cherished British brands.

Molten iron is poured in to moulds and every cast is then hand-dressed, hand treated to 800 degrees Celsius and shot-blasted clean. It is this technique that gives the castings their characteristic surface - each one is unique.  

AGA food cooked in cast-iron ovens

AGA food tastes better simply because an AGA cooks better, using kind-to-the-food radiant-heat to seal the food, locking in moisture, goodness and flavour.

The heat radiates and is transferred to the cast-iron ovens, releasing steadily from all surfaces simultaneously, ensuring a gentler cooking process than the fierce direct heat of a conventional cooker.

This radiant heat cooking method is what preserves more of the food's moisture, flavour, texture and goodness.

Cast-iron also reduces cooking smells and flavour transfer, making it possible to cook a variety of dishes in the same oven at the same time, unlike other range cookers. 

The cast-iron ovens of the AGA cooker

An AGA provides the easiest way to cook, as its cast-iron ovens are set to reach the optimal temperature for its function. The ovens in an AGA cooker include:

Baking Oven

Much like a traditional baker's brick oven, the AGA baking oven radiates a moderate heat for evenly baked bread and perfectly moist cakes. As cast-iron retains its heat, you can even open the door to check on your bakes.

Roasting Oven

The hottest of the AGA ovens, the roasting oven is large enough to accommodate joints of meat, making Sunday roasts and Christmas dinner a breeze. As well as roasting, this oven is ideal for grilling food and for fast, high-temperature baking.

Simmering Oven

With its warm temperature, the simmering oven is perfect for slow-cooking or finishing dishes such as casseroles, stews and puddings. It can also be used for steaming, as the radiant heat locks in the goodness and structure of vegetables.