• Grilled prawn stuffed peppers-recipe from Thuy Pham
    This recipe from British-Vietnamese chef, restaurateur and author Thuy Pham (@chef_thuy_pham) with chopped seasoned prawns nestled within sweet Romano peppers is a wholesome choice that doesn't compromise on flavour. Whether paired with a refreshing salad, fluffy rice, or comforting noodles – enjoy the perfect balance of healthy eating and indulgence in every bite!
  • Thuy Pham-Crispy salmon rainbow salad
    A delicious spring and summer salad recipe from Thuy Pham, @chef_thuy_pham: Crispy pan-fried salmon fillet, nestled on a vibrant bed of fresh salads and generously drizzled with a tantalising sundried tomato, ginger and soy sauce dressing. The tender and flaky salmon paired with the crunch of the greens creates a perfect harmony of flavours and textures. Prepare to indulge in a burst of mouth-watering goodness!
  • Grilled asparagus salad-Lena Fuchs-Mein Leckeres Leben
    Crunchy asparagus and spicy goat's cheese – a combination that undoubtedly will win you over.  It is like spring on a plate!This asparagus salad by food blogger Lena Fuchs (@mein_leckeres_leben) is perfect for the first warm outdoor evenings or picnics with family and friends. 
  • Spring Fougasse with Pea and Mint Soup-Lena Fuchs-Mein Leckeres Leben
    A lttle taste of spring! Fougasse, a classic French bread, here lovingly prepared for us by food blogger Lena Fuchs /, using plenty of fresh herbs, olives and walnuts. It not only looks fantastic, it tastes delicious too.  It's nice and fluffy, perfect for a light lunch with fresh pea and mint soup.  
  • Smashed potatoes-Lena Fuchs-Mein Leckeres Leben
    Quick, easy and incredibly delicious. Food blogger Lena Fuchs (@mein_leckeres_leben) has created this quick smashed potatoes recipe on her Elise. the dish is finished off with creamy burrata, fresh tomatoes, aromatic pesto and crunchy pine nuts. Try it!
  • Clementine&Apricot Duck-Thuy Pham
    Get ready for a flavour-packed dish, created exclusive for us by British-Vietnamese chef, restaurateur and author Thuy Pham (@chef_thuy_pham)! Pan-seared duck breast finished off in the oven for that perfect crispy skin and juicy interior. Thinly sliced and topped with a heavenly fruity-savoury sauce, it's perfect on its own or with your favourite carb for a satisfying meal. Bon appétit! 
  • Gratinated quark pancakes with strawberry sauce-Lena Fuchs
    Whether as a dessert or as a sweet snack with coffee - these quark pancakes with strawberry sauce from food blogger Lena Fuchs (@mein_leckeres_leben) are a typical part of Austrian cuisine that everyone enjoys.
  • Fish&Chips with Tartar Sauce-Lena Fuchs
    A classic English dish that extends far beyond the island's borders: Fish & Chips. The food blogger Lena Fuchs (@mein_leckeres_leben) kindly refined this traditional recipe for us  - it's worth trying!
  • Christmas Star Brownie Tart
    A showstopper on any table, this delicious recipe is perfect for any time of the year, but especially for Christmas.
  • Gingerbread house
    What could be more fun than spending time with your children making a gingerbread house while they are counting down the days until Christmas! Our recipe is child's play.
  • Christmas pudding
    In Britain, home of the Falcon range cookers, Christmas isn't Christmas without a Christmas pudding!This mixture is easy to make, it does have quite a few ingredients and takes some time to prepare.If you are a vegetarian, just replace the suet with vegetarian suet. Vegetarian suet is also suitable for a gluten free pudding but use gluten free bread for the breadcrumbs and gluten free flour as well if required. 
  • Mulled wine
    Christmas in a glass!
  • Parmesan cheese scones
    Why not treat yourself this weekend to these delicious parmesan cheese scones. Perfect for afternoon tea, a picnic or to eat alongside a soup. 
  • Marmite & Cheese Twists
    Love it or hate it? These marmite treats are ideal for picnics, lunch boxes or snacks.
  • Buttermilk Almond Croissants-Lena Fuchs-MeinLeckeresLeben
    Looking for a delicious pastry to go with your coffee, tea or brunch? These buttermilk almond croissants from food blogger Lena Fuchs (@mein_leckeres_leben) are super quick to prepare. Try them with some warming cocoa for an unbeatable duo.
  • Lena Fuchs-MeinLeckeresLeben Ricotta-Gnocchi
    Fall time is pumpkin time! For this recipe,Lena Fuchs, a popular food blogger from Austria (, combines autumn vegetables with fresh, homemade gnocchi and an aromatic sage butter. All lovingly prepared using her Falcon Elise.
  • Savoury seeded flapjacks
    A tasty snack for lunches or picnics, these savoury flapjacks are packed full of goodness.
  • Layered pavlova with strawberries and raspberries
    A fabulous looking dessert that tastes even better. An explosion of textures and flavours: a chewy-crisp top, soft marshmallow inside, crunchy around the edges and succulent summer fruits. Indulge in this delicious summer fruit pavlova recipe.
  • Cherry pie
    A delicious and juicy pie, ready in no time at all. A perfect summer dessert served warm with some ice cream or whipped cream.
  • Roasted Halloumi
    Enjoy the rich saltiness of Halloumi with this speedy recipe. Perfect for a quick evening meal!
  • Vodka Rigatoni-Falcon recipe
    A rich and delicious pasta dish that is easy and quick to prepare, perfect as a sumptuous mid week meal or a relaxed dinner with friends.
  • Preparing Lena Fuchs' Strawberry Heaven Cake in Falcon Elise
    For us, sunny Sundays and fresh strawberry cake simply belong together - and food blogger Lena Fuchs (@mein_leckeres_leben) seems to think so too. She kindly shared the recipe for her airy and delicious strawberry heaven cake with us. What looks and tastes spectacular can be done in no time at all with our Falcon range cookers.
  • Falcon Elise mit Gefüllter Dinkel-Briochezopf-Lena Fuchs
    Whether it's an Easter brunch with the family or a cozy get-together with friends over coffee and cake - this brioche braid always works! And with the different fillings, the food blogger Lena Fuchs / has conjured up a recipe that everyone will like!
  • Blueberry muffins
    Light, airy muffins are always a favourite in the Falcon kitchen and we love these blueberry versions with a sweet cinnamon topping. Simple enough for novice cooks, they make perfect lunchbox fillers and teatime treats – you could always leave the cinnamon out if you’re not a fan and swap the blueberries for raspberries if you’d prefer.  
  • Veggie Bean Chilli
    This is a great store cupboard dish and perfect for meat free meals or last-minute dinner guests who are vegan or vegetarian.
  • Sweet and Sour Prawn Stir Fry
    An easy stir fry recipe using only a handful of ingredients that can be whipped up in no time at all.  Perfect for a quick mid-week meal.
  • Roasted celeriac soup with apple-pumpkin bruschetta from Lena Fuchs-MeinLeckeresLeben-
    Coming home from outside on cold winter days you may look forward to a hot soup that warms body, heart and soul. Combining seasonal vegetables and a delicious bruschetta, family and guests will no doubt love this warming recipe from Lena Fuchs /
  • Christmas shortbread
    Get the kids involved in this fun baking recipe in preparation for the Christmas festivities.
  • Festive brioche wreath with baked camembert
    Grilled camembert accompanied by a gourmet brioche for a delicious and comforting  starter. Not to be missed for festive meals and aperitifs with friends.
  • Mulled white wine
    We’ve all had the traditional red wine version at Christmas but this mulled wine recipe uses white wine, a fresh orange, sugar or honey, cinnamon and cloves.  For a child-friendly version, replace the wine with a carton of white grape juice and add a teaspoon of sugar to each mug. Serve with mince pies and plenty of festive cheer.
  • Pumpkin pie
    This pumpkin pie recipe makes the perfect autumnal dinner party dessert and is a great way to use up the pumpkin flesh left after carving your Halloween pumpkins with your children.
  • Blackberry & Apple Muffins
    Autumn on a plate - easy and deliciously warming muffins full of juicy blackberries and pieces of apple.  Perfect to bake with the kids for autumn picnics or to add to their lunch boxes.
  • Poached peaches
    A beautiful and light dessert, perfect for summer when peaches are in season. The fruit is gently infused with white or rosé wine, caster sugar, lemon and vanilla, and gently poached until tender. Serve with vanilla ice cream to enhance the delicate flavour.
  • Scotch eggs
    A quintessentially British snack consisting of a silky boiled egg surrounded by flavourful sausage meat and finished with a crunchy crumb coating, perfect for picnics.
  • Pimm's Cupcakes
    In Britain summer isn’t summer without a bit of Pimm’s. Why not try to give your brunch or summer party that extra summery touch with these Pimm’s cupcakes? They don’t just look delicious, they taste delicious too.
  • Summer Pudding
    A fruit-filled summer showstopper of a pud, this dessert will add the wow factor to the dinner table. Use mixed fresh summer berries such as raspberries, cherries, redcurrants, strawberries and blackcurrants and bread that’s two or three days’ old. Don’t use ready sliced or wholemeal – a white crusty loaf is best. It needs to chill overnight so prepare this one the day before you need it.
  • Courgette & Leek Mini Quiches
    Paired with a glass of full bodied dry white wine or sparkling wine these light and creamy egg tarts with courgettes and leeks are the perfect choice for a picnic or a summer brunch in the garden. Or simply use them as a healthy snack.
  • Home-made Pink Lemonade
    A fresh and zingy pink lemonade - perfect for a hot summer's day or a picnic.
  • Recette Falcon tarte aux asperges
    Whether you're heading for a picnic in the sunshine or fancy whipping up a tasty lunch at home, this delicious and vibrant asparagus tart is the perfect recipe. 
  • Victoria sponge with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries
    A variation on the classic Victoria Sandwich cake, believed to have been one of Queen Victoria’s favourite cakes and today still one of the most loved cakes in any family, this recipe uses a mix of delicious berries and is the perfect cake for a summer party.
  • Falcon Turkey Burgers recipe
    This version of the essential burger will amaze and delight your guests! An easy and modern recipe, ideal for the whole family. 
  • Crunchy rainbow slaw with peanut butter dressing
    A mixed salad with Asian flavours for sunny days, which will entice and surprise your friends and family. Easy and quick to prepare, an ideal seasonal recipe! 
  • Carrot and lentil soup
    A fantastic versatile soup that is so quick to prepare – no chopping needed, just a grater and a saucepan. Brilliant for using store cupboard ingredients and for a last-minute healthy lunch that can be on the table in 20 minutes.
  • Sultana scones with cream and jam
    A British classic recipe for afternoon tea. Serve with clotted cream and jam for the ultimate combo!
  • Aubergine and Coriander Pâté
    If you struggle to find new ways to cook with an aubergine, this recipe is a delicious vegetarian starter which is so easy to make yet it looks and tastes much more complex. Serve in a large bowl topped with coriander and lime wedges with slices of hot, crispy pitta bread.  
  • Flatbreads
    These are a great way to use up any leftover yogurt and are very easy to make. Perfect accompaniment to a store cupboard curry.
  • Roasted Ratatouille
    A great way to make the most of a glut of sweet vegetables such as red onions, aubergine, baby courgettes and orange peppers. The addition of fresh tomatoes and marjoram really lifts this dish and the colours look wonderful on the plate. Cook until tender and serve with crusty bread or a side of fluffy couscous.
  • Apricot Danish Pastries
    These pastries take a while to prepare but the wait is worth it. Set aside an afternoon and prepare you taste buds for a treat.
  • Chocolate Brownies
    The Falcon signature brownies are the perfect pieces of indulgence; soft, gooey and chocolatey. They really do taste fantastic and are sure to become a firm family favourite. 
  • Fruity Baked Pudding
    Packed with fruity flavour and goodness, this traditional baked pudding is a great way to use up seasonal berries and looks so pretty in the centre of the table. You can also use frozen berries - just defrost before use. We love the combination of strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and blackberries, served with cream for a naughty but nice treat.
  • Chocolate Brownie Pudding Pots
    These lovely little pots take 16- 8 minutes to cook – ideal for a fast family treat. A scoop of ice cream would complement the gooey chocolate perfectly.
  • Roast Pork with Red Onion
    The perfect weekend roast with crispy crackling... 
  • Beef Pad Thai
    For those who love their spice, this Thai noodle dish has the perfect balance of chilli, garlic and coriander, with a dash of Thai fish sauce and dark soy for good measure. It’s ideal as a light lunch or main course for dinner, and you could always swap the steak for chicken or pork if you prefer.
  • Moules Marinière
    There’s a reason this classic has stood the test of time - it's its simplicity and rustic flavour. Seafood lovers will adore this starter and it’s so quick to cook. Serve with loads of crusty baguette to soak up the delicious juices.
  • Organic Rocket Soup
    Delicious served hot or cold, this simple soup turns peppery rocket into a main ingredient. You can use either chicken or vegetable stock, so it’s ideal for vegetarians.  Add more texture by topping with toasted croutons.