AGA Cast Iron Collection

AGA cast-iron cookers work differently, using gentle radiant heat. Cast iron is a fantastic material for retaining and – even more importantly – radiating heat. This kind of cooking is gentler on food and locks in all the moisture, flavour and goodness, meaning the food you serve tastes delicious.
At AGA, we understand that life is changing, and you now need your kitchen to work harder for you than ever before. That's why there are two types of AGA cookers you can choose. Both cook using radiant heat, however, R Series ( 24/7 Radiant Heat) models are designed to always be on and ready to cook whereas an eR Series (Everyday Radiant Heat) models offer greater flexibility, and can be switched on and off as required, with faster heat up times.

AGA R3 Series 100-4h in White in a kitchen with grey cabinetry and tiled splashback
R Series: 24/7 Radiant Heat

Cookers in this range resemble most closely the original AGA. They are on all the time, keeping the kitchen cosy, and are ready to cook the moment you are. 
24/7 AGA cookers do much more than just cook. They take the place of a tumble drier, toaster, bread maker and electric kettle and can even get creases out of freshly laundered items, such as pillow cases, and in a home with a 24/7 AGA the heating will tend to go on later in the season and off earlier.

If you work from home, live in a draughty house or simply want the comforting reassurance of an AGA that’s on all the time, this collection offers everything you need.

AGA eR3 Series 100 in Slate in a kitchen by Harvey's Select
eR Series: Everyday Radiant Heat

Each day is different – maybe weekdays are all about speed and efficiency in the kitchen while the weekend is all about the slow, mindful enjoyment of cooking for friends and family. Life is hectic and the kitchen needs to provide a multi-functional living space, where we cook, eat and live.

Cookers in this collection are designed to work for the way we live now, offering everything that’s loved about the AGA but with added functionality. The ovens and hotplates can be switched on and off independently and, on certain models, a state-of-the-art induction hob sits alongside the traditional AGA hotplate. With models from just 60cm wide, up to the largest AGA ever, there’s a model to suit every space.
If you are out a lot, but want the results only radiant heat cooking produces and would love a cast-iron AGA cooker that seamlessly adapts to your day-to-day needs, then this is the collection for you.